Harriet Turkanis

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Harriet Turkanis, a native New Yorker, was educated in Boston and chose Cape Elizabeth, ME for home in 1978 where she raised four children with her husband Michael.

It was the inspirational background that supported her ingenuity and creativity. Her passion for drama and magic became part of her every day life. She loved helping her mom transform herself into "red carpet royalty". The things we added – a rhinestone tiara, sequined shoes, vintage jewelry – all gave her mom that special touch of glamour. Harriet believes every woman should feel that flirt with imagination!

"I am a collage artist. Each piece starts with passion for the medium and moves into function and then form. By using ancient techniques of knit, crochet and braiding, chic and rapturous designs result. Where childhood experiences afforded me drama and glamour, now I weave illusion and fantasy into designs for women who live romantic fashion as their personal statement."

Harriet Turkanis, artisan designer